A Good Word from AIM team member, Ryan Graydon!

Ryan Graydon is a member of the World Race through AIM (Adventures In Missions). Read on to hear about his time in Nicaragua! In June, Team Catalizador partnered with Vision Nicaragua in Chinandega near the Pacific Coast. VN seeks to bring the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the poorest country [...]

Butler University & Young Life Team HAVE ARRIVED!!!

Hola from our team in Nicaragua! We hail from Indianapolis and are the perfect combination of college students, high school students, and wise adults. Most of us have never been to this country before, but all are having a wonderful first few days! We flew into Managua late Saturday night. After our first experience traveling [...]

We asked for a room…He gave us a HOUSE!

The post was written. Everything was together. I was ready to hit publish, but I didn’t. One interruption after another kept me from finishing what I started. I was on a timeline to get this post out there, so I thought. Little did I know that God had already answered our prayers and didn’t need [...]

this has certainly been a week.

With everything that has happened in Boston, in Texas, and in our little community in Nicaragua, I think everyone is ready for a little bit of a reprieve. We received news a week and a half ago that one of our friends in Bethel, Roberto, had been struck from behind by a motorcycle while he [...]

AYMC Fundraiser on June 2nd!

Come to the presentation of the Asheville Young Musician’s Club on Sunday, June 2nd at 3pm.  It will be held at the Deerfield Retirement Community at 1617 Hendersonville Road in Asheville.  Admission is $20 for Adults and $10 for Students.  I went to their presentation last year, and it was amazing.  You will hear great music performed [...]